35mm Film Processing

Film is not dead, contrary to what many processing labs will have you believe. It quite obviously isn’t as popular as it used to be, but we are still able to provide a service for those of you still using perfectly good film cameras.

Apart from the traditional services such as Developing & Printing, Reprints and Enlargements we can scan your films and produce a CD of the images. This then gives you an easy entry into the “digital age”.

If you find some undeveloped films at home, and have no idea what is on them, we have a solution to help you. We offer a FILM AMNESTY whereby we will develop the film and create a 7″x5″ index print so that you can see what masterpieces you have. This is a great idea as it means you do not have the cost of having a set of prints done only to find our they are all rubbish.

We are able to process & print 35mmColour or Black & White C-41 films. Obviously with colour films we can give you colour prints, but should you wish to have that retro look, we also offer black & white prints from colour film.

Unfortunately we are not able to process conventional Black & White films such as Ilford FP4, HP5 or Kodak TRI-X, but we can produce prints from these films if you have already had them processed.

 1 Hour (Mon, Wed or Fri)2 Working DaysExtra Set
Develop Film ONLY3.002.00N/A
Film Amnesty
Develop film and print a 7"x5" Index print
6"x4" up to 24 Exposure9.497.993.50
6"x4" 36 Exposure10.498.994.50
7"x5" up to 24 Exposure10.999.494.50
7"x5 36 Exposure11.9910.495.50
8"x6" up to 24 Exposure11.9910.495.99
8"x6" 36 Exposure12.9911.496.99
Scan to CD (Normal - approx 3000x2000 ppi Resolution) - Excluding developing cost.5.002.502.50
Scan to CD (Ultra High - approx 6000x4000 ppi Resolution) - Excluding developing cost.7.505.002.50
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