Film Processing

Film Processing & Our Film Amnesty

Film Processing is a dying breed, but we are here to help. It is a fairly safe bet that we older people have at some time found one or several 35mm films in a drawer and not known what is on them. This then begs the question of “is it worth having them printed?” Yes it is worth it, but it is not necessary to have a set of 4″x6″ prints made only to find out you have 30 shots of the floor and 6 of a tree.

Our Film Amnesty is  the solution for you in that we will process any old 35mm(C-41 process) films you find and create a 5″x7″ index print showing what is on the film. You can then make a decision as to whether it is worth having full sized prints made.

This Film Amnesty option comes to you for ONLY £2 per film. If however, you film is blank, the charge is ONLY £1 and let’s face it, for such a small cost it is well worth getting your films and disposable cameras processed.

Even though film processing is becoming increasingly harder to find around the country, we will continue to offer a service to you for as long as we possibly can. Film is by no means dead, just nowhere near as popular as it used to be.

We are able to process Black & white films such as Ilford XP-2 or Kodak T400CN as these are both C-41 process. However, we are NOT able to process the likes of Ilford FP4, HP5 or Kodak TRI-X as these are conventional Black & White process. We can however, print from these types of films if you have already had them processed.