We have been involved with digital imaging for over 15 years, but during that time, the quality available from digital capture has changed dramatically. Digital has altered the way many photographers think about their images, in the sense that now they effectively do not have a charge ‘per click’ as they did with film, and so they are able to take a greater number of images thus giving a far greater chance of achieving that special image.

Your precious digital images will be printed on some of the most up to date printing equipment, no matter what size prints you require.

Photographic prints up to 12″ x 48″(30.5cm x 122cm) are printed on our new Epson SL D-3000 dry lab. Prints larger than these are printed using our Canon iPF Pro 4000 large format printer that can use paper up to 44″ wide, and if in roll form, up to 30m long. This printer uses 12 archival inks that give unrivaled colour definition and longevity.