2016 Calendars

2016 Calendars

Well folks, it’s that time of year again when we start thinking about next year’s calendar. The 2016 Calendar collection will be sorted in the next few weeks so you will then be able to create that stunning gift for family and friends.

Christmas is just around the corner so get yourself sorted early if you have family abroard. Remember to check the last posting dates for where they live as there is a massive timescale difference between surface and airmail. Currently Royal Mail have not yet published their last dates but any day now. Here is a LINK to last year’s dates as a quick guide. I can’t see the 2015 dates being too different to these.

Should you have any questions about the weight of our Calendars etc please call.


Personalised Calendars

Once again these will be offered in two sizes. The hanging calendar will be 8″x12″ and available in three versions. The desk calendar is 6″x4″ and available in two versions. Should you wish to create a calendar, all that you need are 12 images, one of which is also used on the cover, but the cover image can be from any month.


Local Scene Calendars

Local scenes prove very popular, with many calendars winging their way around the globe. Laste year we worked in conjunction with the ‘We Love Stourport-past and present day’ Facebook page who ran a competition for people to win the chance of having one of their own images on a local calendar. We are doing the same again this year and there is still time to enter. Details here

This year we have been also been asked to work with the ‘All Things Bright and Bewdley’ Facebook page to create a calendar from a competition they are running. Along the same lines as the Stourport one, but now more relative to those of you who live in Bewdley. Details here as well. Please note that the deadline for the Bewdley calendar is different to Stourport.

The Local Scene calendars will be available in three sizes. 8″x12″ & 6″x9″ hanging and 6″x4″ desk types.


Get snapping folks and who knows, your best image may end up on a wall in Australia or America.