We are able to scan from any** original print that is A4 or smaller.

Larger originals have to be photographed and this carries a charge of £7.50 + the cost of any prints made. service time on larger than A4 originals is 3 days.

Please note that our service times are a guide only and may have to be extended depending upon the volume of originals within your order.

**Copyright protected images
Please be aware that we will not copy professionally taken photographs without documentation from the photographer that expressly gives you permission to get the photographs copied. When you buy a photographic print from a photographer, you are buying that print only, and not the use of that photographic image to do what you wish with.


STANDARD – 24 Hours

EXPRESS Print From Print

– Same Day (Ask for more info)

EXPRESS Slide Scanning

– Same Day (Ask for more info)

Print from Prints or 35mm Slides1-45-910-2021-40Over 40
up to 4"x6"2.001.501.000.75Please ask for price
5"x7"2.502.001.501.00Please ask for price
6"x8"3.002.502.001.50Please ask for price
8"x10" ask for price
8"x12"5.003.752.502.00Please ask for price
10"x12"/10"x10"5.754.253.252.75Please ask for price
10"x15"6.755.254.253.75Please ask for price
11"x14"/12"x12"6.004.753.753.25Please ask for price
12"x16"7.255.754.754.25Please ask for price
12"x18"7.756.255.254.75Please ask for price
A45.003.752.502.00Please ask for price
Images To CD/DVDStill ImagesVideo Files (up to 4gb)
Media Card To Disc (1-400) images2.50 per 100 images5.00
Media Card To Disc (401-1000 images)10.00
Media Card To Disc (1001-2000 images)20.00
Media Card To Disc (2001+ images)1.00 per 100 images
Print Scanning/PhotographingOriginals larger than A4 will be photographed with shortest side of image 4000pixels - Minimum Qty 1Originals up to A4 scanned at 600ppi - Minimum Qty 3Originals up to A4 scanned at 1200ppi - Minimum Qty 3
Files saved to CD/DVD or sent via Wetransfer7.501.001.50
7 or more originals = 20% discount15 or more originals = 15% discount15 or more originals = 15% discount
25 or more originals = 25% discount25 or more originals = 25% discount
50 or more originals = 40% discount50 or more originals = 40% discount
75 or more originals = 50% discount75 or more originals = 50% discount
35mm Slide Scanning to CD/DVDNormal Resolution (approx 3000 x 2000 pixels)Ultra High Resolution (approx 6000 x 4000 pixels)
101+Please ask for pricePlease ask for price
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