Digital Prints

With our standard Pro printing we assume supplied images are edited and print ready, so we make no further corrections. This is so that you are able to edit your images on your system how you would like them to look.

Colour Management

However, to achieve good, consistent results it is essential that you calibrate your monitor regularly using a hardware calibration device such as X-Rte i1Display Pro or Spider etc. These are available from various outlets, and one of the best and most helpful is If you do not use a fully colour managed workflow, you really are not getting the best from your images. Please contact us if you require more advice regarding colour management.

When supplying images for printing, it is vital you ensure each image has your Photoshop/Lightroom or camera working colour space embedded. This will usually be sRGB, Adobe1998 or ProPhoto. Your images will then printed using our bespoke printer profile for which ever paper stock you require.
If you do not do this and we receive an image that has no embedded profile, our system will assume it should be sRGB. If this is then incorrect for the image, the colour/density rendition on the prints will be incorrect. Any reprinting necessary due to missing profiles will be chargeable.

If you are not confident that you have edited correctly, we are able to make minor adjustments prior to printing. This added service can be requested at the time of placing the order. Editing is very subjective, so you must accept that any adjustments will be made so that the images look how we feel they should.


Unless specific requests are given for borders on your prints, they will be printed full bleed. Please ensure that you size them at the required size @ 300ppi. Our Epson SL-D3000 printing equipment requires .jpg files for printing, so please supply in that format.

Should you wish, we can create a © notice for you that is printed on the reverse of each photograph such as “© Joe Bloggs Photography”. Ask for more details.