Photo Kiosks

We offer the use of two self service Photo Kiosks in-store. Obviously we will guide you through how to use them so there is no need to be scared. Once you have seen how it is done a few times, you will almost certainly be able to order your prints without any input from us.

If you are not at all confident at using the kiosks we will be more than happy to help you whenever necessary. We would sooner spend time helping achieve the prints you require rather than you feeling scared of making a mistake. Simply ask one of us for help when you come into the store.

The kiosks offer the choice of Express or Next Day prints, and a choice of paper finishes so whether you need them that day or the next, Glossy or Lustre, you can come in and use our kiosks.

We can print from your Memory cards, USB Sticks, DVD or CD and also from Phones and Tablets. There are various methods of getting images from your phones and tablets. The most common is via Bluetooth, but this has it’s drawbacks if sending a lot of images due to the time it takes to send large file sizes to the Photo Kiosks. Sadly if using any Apple device you will not be able to use Bluetooth as they are unable to connect to most things via this method.

iphone and ipads can be plugged directly into our new kiosks via a lead. Images MUST be on the device though. If they are only on the icloud our systen will not see them so please ensure that you download any ‘cloud’ images back to your device.

Call or EMAIL us for more information and prices. Often we have special ‘In-store Only‘ offers so call in and see what special deals are running at the moment.

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